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I2M tech joins “the digital challenge “


I2M is delighted to participate in the Cairo ICT show held under the slogan “the digital challenge “ at Egypt International Exhibition Center.

from 7th till 10th of November.

During the show, I2M showcased its broad portfolio band of solutions and products to help corporate customers, as well as consumers, adapt to post-COVID life.

i2M products are focused on energy conservation, resource management, and improved operational efficiency.

From IoT for Enterprise Building Management Systems into Gamified E-learning digital Apps.

And from intelligent water management, to complete smart home automation.

i2m helps residential, enterprise, and industrial customers.

i2M announced during Cairo ICT its partnership with Ouster digital LiDAR solutions.

providing a full range of high-resolution lidar sensors that deliver superior imaging at a dramatically lower price.

Applications range from crowd/capacity management, traffic planning & management, mining, and transportation.

governments now can gather all the required data with high accuracy the compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) laws on data and personal privacy.

Also, I2M tech announced the release of the 2nd Generation Belkin SKVM series.

packing the latest in Common Criteria and NIAP Protection Profile version 4.0 design requirements in the smallest form factor available.

An included remote control and innovative mount options allow administrators to craft operator stations to meet security requirements while decluttering the desk.

A suite of purpose-built cables provides universal video support, allowing any computer to be interfaced with any monitor on any channel of the secure KVM while accommodating most generations of video standards.

Optical data diodes and embedded peripheral emulation allow operators to safely share peripherals across multiple security enclaves without exposing potential vectors for attack.

The US-manufactured and TAA-compliant secure KVM series is ideal for use in IT environments that demand rigorous cybersecurity provisions—including government, military, and healthcare applications.