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Our Partner | FlamencoTech | Enterprise IoT for BMS


Our Partner | FlamencoTech | Enterprise IoT for BMS

I2m Tech is the exclusive FlamencoTech Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Enterprise IoT for BMS:

Energy optimization and Building Automation: The automated energy monitoring solution helps build a trackable energy consumption baseline. As per our experience, the cost per sq. Ft. varies by industry, machines, production, number of shifts, etc.

The energy goal setting and planning tool on the Digital Blanket® platform helps the facility team set energy consumption goals and intuitively track them.

Employee Wellness, Productivity and Experience: Empower users with a Touch-Free Employee Mobility Services suite while capturing critical data for optimizing operations. Integrate all employee services such as desk booking, wayfinding, pantry services, feedback, employee wellness, meeting room booking, and more, offering a smarter way to connect the employee to the workplace.

Space and Occupancy analytics: Digital Blanket® Spazio is a workspace management solution aiming to create people-centric, modern, and efficient workspaces. It enables collaboration and hybrid workplaces with a user-centric approach. It offers visibility into current workspace usage and provides key metrics for managing everyday use and planning for future demands.

DB-Spazio integrates with Occupancy Sensors, Footfall Sensors, Access Control Systems, and Desk booking data to provide occupancy analytics.

Facilities Operations: Di-Fence (Digital fencing) creates virtual zones and tracks the location of people & assets in these virtual fences using patented RF Tags. Di-Fence also tracks the movement of the tags between virtual zones and triggers alarms and notifications in case of deviations. Di-Fence allows the creation of restricted zones and triggers alarms in case of an unauthorized entry.


About FlamencoTech:

FlamencoTech brings together decades of technical expertise in ICT, OT, IoT & AV coupled with profound experience in business operations, cyber security, data integration & analytics, thus building world-class solutions and creating substantial value for our clients.

FlamecoTech’s Digital Blanket platform can readily integrate with existing HVAC, Lighting, MEP, ELV, Safety systems, Industrial SCADA, DDC, PLC systems, and any third-party sensors through a range of protocols, including BACNET SC/IP, Modbus, OPC UA, I2C, SNMP & MQTT without any code development.

The company has a 2-decade-long history of delivering solutions through a co-creative and consultative approach, ensuring desired outcomes.

Extensive technology skills coupled with deep domain knowledge help FlamencoTech connect, collect, correlate, and control multi-vendor solutions that improve employee experiences, productivity, and efficiency while complying with sustainability and ESG standards and reducing operational complexity and costs. With FlamencoTech’s vast experience spanning numerous domains, they craft the best outcomes, integrating existing and new solutions.


Who is the exclusive agent for FlamencoTech in Egypt and North Africa?

I2M Tech is the exclusive agent for FlamencoTech in Egypt and North Africa, providing their solutions for:

  1. Energy optimization and Building Automation

  2. Employee Wellness, Productivity, and Experience

  3. Space and Occupancy analytics

  4. facilities Operations

Where can I get FlamencoTech solutions in Egypt?

You can directly get FlamencoTech’s solutions from our I2M Tech Website by directly contacting us


About I2M Tech

Established in 2019 as a technology services and solutions provider, I2M Tech serves Egyptian and North African markets.

I2M Tech has partnered with several US and India-based technology companies to offer innovative solutions, thus becoming the exclusive agent and partner for the leading companies in the fields of Energy and Utility, Home Automation and Smart Cities, Education and Learning, Risk, Integrity, Security, and Compliance in Egypt and North Africa.