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I2m Tech is the exclusive SkillCreds Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Digital Learning Apps:

Gamified learning: SkillCreds ensures that the games are relevant to helping learners retain material or give them time to practice until they acquire the knowledge they will often use.

Using features such as leader boards, social engagement, competition atmosphere, and visual display of progress to drive positive learning outcomes.

Blended Learning: The platform facilitates everything from pre-workshops to more significant training events or instructor-led training, as well as post-workshops for multi-module competency-per-topic-based curriculums.

To help learners reinforce what they learned, particularly materials they need to memorize.

Vividifi Content Curation: VividiFi is a DIY content curation platform that intuitively guides enterprises, educational institutions, and training professionals to choose from a vast repository of content pieces to convert their legacy content to competency topic-linked gamified learning content.

iAssess-Engage-Hire Solution: AEH is a turnkey recruitment solution used to shorten onboarding time, create measurable metrics, implement predictable metrics, and automate hiring processes. AEH is a scalable model that can be replicated.


About SkillCreds:

Skillcreds Inc is a Delaware-incorporated C-Corp with a Tech Development Center in India and a Content development center in India and Egypt.

Skillcreds empowers enterprises by creating a smooth competency-linked gamified learning roadmap for learners, addressing critical-to-business proficiency gaps by using immersive simulations to give employees real-time suggestions.

Improve their identified competencies, in real-time, progressively across their career span.


Who is the exclusive agent for SkillCreds in Egypt and North Africa?

I2M Tech is the exclusive agent for SkillCreds in Egypt and North Africa.

Providing their platform for Gamified Learning, Blended Learning, Vividifi Content Curation, and iAssess-Engage-Hire Solution.


Where can I get SkillCreds services in Egypt?

You can directly get any of SkillCreds services from our I2M Tech Website by directly contacting us


About I2M Tech

Established in 2019 as a technology services and solutions provider, I2M Tech serves Egyptian and North African markets.

I2M Tech has partnered with several US and India-based technology companies to offer innovative solutions

becoming the exclusive agent and partner for the leading companies in the fields of Energy and Utility, Home Automation and Smart Cities, Education and Learning, Risk, Integrity, Security, and Compliance in Egypt and North Africa.