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B.One hub and sensors

B.One Edge Device


B.One Edge Device

B.One Edge incorporates a state-of-the-art parallel processing architecture with Real-Time Performance making it the fastest and first-of-its-kind Edge Computing IoT gateway in the market.


  • Edge is a multi-protocol gateway with Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, BT, Wi-Fi (Dual Band), LTE Cat 4, and Universal Infrared Remote-Learner and Repeater.

  • Delivers ultra-low latency and high real-time experience in command execution and performance.

  • Enables faster communication of real-time data from smart devices and published services.

  • Sensors, devices, and actuators-driven data is computed and executed at the edge of the network, reducing the reliability of low and intermittent connectivity to cloud services.

  • Helps save bandwidth, storage, time, and costs by limiting the data that needs to be transmitted to the cloud, causing Network latencies.

  • High value-Short term (smoke alerts, Intrusions, etc.) data processed in real-time (no dependency on Cloud latency) to help in emergencies where the user requires immediate actions.

  • The user can keep their data secure and use the cloud when needed, ensuring the privacy of all data generated at their homes. In addition, Military-grade encryption at the “EDGE” guarantees data security against hacking.

  • Ability to move analysis and intelligence to the network’s edge where the data is generated, enabling faster “call to action.”

  • Battery backup for up to two hours in case of power failure.

  • LTE Sim card enabled (forward compatible with some 5G networks) to provide internet backup and redundancy in case of Wi-Fi failure.

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Blaze Automation Devices in Egypt, Africa and GCC.