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Ouster | OS1 Digital Lidar Sensor


Ouster | OS1 Digital Lidar Sensor

Mid-range digital lidar sensor

The go-anywhere, do-anything lidar sensor that delivers the best combination of range, field of view, resolution, and form factor on the market - powered by our L3 chip.

Stunning point clouds

With 128 channels of vertical resolution and up to 5.2M points per second, the OS1 features a higher resolution than every other mid-range sensor on the market. The OS1 delivers clean, dense data across its entire field of view for accurate perception and crisp mapping.

More range, more possibilities

The OS1 now sees 90 m on a 10% reflective target and over 200 m at maximum range. That’s why the OS1 is the sensor of choice for industrial automation, robotics, and mapping.

Exacting precision

Clean scan lines. Sharp corners. Flat walls. Incredibly accurate 3D maps and digital twins indoors or outdoors.

Built for real-world reliability

OS1 is designed to handle extreme shock and vibration and is IP68 and IP69K rated, so you can pressure wash it when you’re done.

Key features

  1. 90 m Range at 10%

  2. 200 m Max Range

  3. 45º Vertical field of view

  4. 128 Channels of resolution

  5. 5.2M Max points per second

  6. 10x Photon sensitivity

  7. -40°C Min operating temperature

  8. 60°C Max operating temperature

  9. IP 68 & IP69K Ingress protection

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Ouster sensors in Egypt