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Risk, security, and compliance

I2M Tech RISC Suite


I2M Tech RISC Suite

Cloud-SaaS-based Comprehensive Risk, Security, and Compliance Management Platform. Today, I2M Tech RISC Suite is the only Comprehensive Cybersecurity vendor in the marketplace that uniquely provides:

  • A framework for enterprise-wide RISC unification with a unified console.

  • Cloud-based remote deployment of security scanning and management.

  • Automated and efficient oversight of all vendors.

  • A harmonized regulatory control set with mappings to security threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Automated asset discovery and management with role-based access control.

  • History of all organizational vulnerabilities and threats with remediation.

  • Demonstration of “reasonable efforts” for legal defense.


Diagnose: once I2M Tech RISC Suite is deployed you’ll be able to know:

  • Your total organizational risks, including those from vendors and business associates.

  • Your security threats and their locations.

  • The curative measures that you need to take.

  • Your compliance status with,GDPR, HIPAA, Meaningful Use, HITECH, PCI, ISO, SANS 20, and all the other regulations and standards.

Cure: by following I2M Tech RISC Suite’s instructions, you’ll be able to:

  • Minimize organizational risk.

  • Close your risk, security, and compliance gaps.

  • Comply with all applicable regulations and standards.

Protect: I2M Tech RISC Suite 24/7 continuous monitoring program will:

  • Reduce all your present and future risks.

  • Diagnose and cure your future security threats in real-time.

  • Comply with all the applicable current and future regulations and standards.

The I2M Tech RISC Suite is a unique unified solution that operates at the intersection of security, compliance, and risk management for healthcare, retail, and financial organizations.

For those that don’t need a unified RISC Solution, each module has a robust standalone solution.

I2M Tech RISC Suite key features:

  • Unified and Integrated RISC with single pane view.

  • Simple to deploy with low TCO.

  • Real-time Continuous monitoring.

  • Comprehensive, integrated suite for effective risk analysis using a unified control set.

  • Significantly reduced risk exposure.

  • Reduced Risk.

  • Unified/Integrated Approach.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Oversight Ease.

  • Maximum Security.

  • No Compliance Tradeoffs.

You can now get I2M Tech RISC Suite in Egypt and North Africa.