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Intelligent Water Management

Phyn | Smart Water Meter + Shut Off


Phyn | Smart Water Meter + Shut Off

Learn to speak the language of water :

Phyn | Smart Water Meter + Shut Off device, which monitors your home’s water system for leaks. When you flush a toilet or run your lawn irrigation system, the pressure in your plumbing system changes. The science behind Phyn was developed in the labs of the University of Washington and at Belkin. Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in pressure 240 times every second to understand the unique voice of each water fixture in your home, allowing Phyn to understand the subtle differences between a running bath and a burst pipe.

One device. Whole home protection.

Other water monitors require you to place multiple sensors around the home where you think leaks are likely to occur. One Phyn Plus in a single location is all you need to monitor your entire home’s water system for leaks.

Indoors or out, Phyn Plus is built to last

Developed to withstand harsh winters and desert summers. Phyn went above and beyond to ensure that Phyn Plus is the most durable and reliable water monitoring solution available.

Smart Water Meter | Key Features

  • Auto Shutoff

  • Plumbing Checks

  • Remote Shut Off

  • Leak Alerts

  • Multi-property 

  • Pre-freeze warning 

  • Water use

  • Water use plus

I2M Tech is Phyn agent in Egypt, and Africa