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Digital Learning Apps

Vividifi Content Curation


Vividifi Content Curation

VividiFi is a DIY content curation platform that intuitively guides enterprises, educational institutions, and training professionals to choose from a vast repository of content pieces to convert their legacy content to competency/topic-linked gamified learning content.

VIVIDIFI Gamified Learning Business-Critical Competency enhancement provides:

  1. Pre-learning competency diagnostics

  2. Competency-linked gamified learning journey

  3. Games on demand

  4. Pre-learning competency diagnostics

  5. AI-based mentor

  6. Experiential Simulations

  7. Story-centered Learning

Through the VIVIDIFI platform, you’ll get:

Real-Time Assessment of Simulation

Employees can practice applying new skills and knowledge without real-world implications. They receive feedback to let them know how they’re doing, which helps refine new skills before they try them out in the real world. Users can also benchmark their performance against an expert response.

A Personalized Mentor

SkillCreds helps users get a personalized learning path and assess their learning graph to ensure that learning is according to their interests, skill, and needs.

Platform as a Service

Use SkillCreds features at a license cost per annum, and get unlimited usage where users can stream the content from your company servers to retain the IPR of content. SkillCreds VIVIDIFI platform LMS can also easily plug into your LMS.


To help you drive measurable results, you have to set your desired learning outcomes and have a way to access the data you need to measure those outcomes. SkillCreds LMS can deliver reports detailing how learners performed so you can adjust their learning paths accordingly.

Skillcreds Inc is a Delaware incorporated C-Corp with a Tech Development Center in India, and Content development center in India and Egypt. Skillcreds helps enterprises create a seamless competency-linked gamified learning roadmap for learners, to address critical-to-business proficiency gaps and its immersive simulations give employees real-time suggestions on improvement on identified competencies, in real-time, progressively across their career span.

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Skill Creds VIVIDIFI Content Curation Platform in Egypt and North Africa.