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I2M Tech’s Privacy Policy

I2M Tech Privacy Policy Details and Cookie Notice

I2M Tech Privacy Policy shows how I2M Tech gathers, uses, discloses, and manages its users’ or clients’ data when they visit our website.

  1. About this Notice

    This Privacy and Cookie Notice provides information on how I2M collects and processes your personal data when you visit our website or mobile applications.

  2. The data we collect about you

    • In order to deliver and continuously develop our goods and services, we capture your personal data.
    • The following distinct categories of personal data about you can be gathered, used, stored, and transferred:
      • Information you provide us with The information you supply us with, including your identification details, email information, shipping address, and financial data, is obtained and processed by us.
      • Information about your use of our website and/or smartphone apps: We automatically compile and archive those forms of information, including information about your reviews, experiences, updates, and orders, about your use of the I2M marketplace.
      • Information from third parties and publicly accessible sources: Third parties, including our carriers, can collect information about you; payment service providers; merchants/brands; and advertising service providers.
  3. Cookies and how we use them

    • A cookie, if you agree, is a little file of letters and numbers we put on your computer.
    • Cookies enable us to discern you from other users of our website and applications for smartphones, helping us to provide you with an integrated browsing experience. For starters, we use cookies for the following purposes
      • Recognizing and counting the number of visits and watching how visits travel through the website by accessing it (this allows us to enhance the way our website operates by ensuring, for example, that users can find what they are looking for).
      • Identify your habits and accounts, such as language settings, items saved, items placed in your basket, and primo membership.
      • Sending you emails targeted to your preferences and commercial / advertising posts. Our approved third parties may also set cookies when you use our marketplace. Third parties include search engines, providers of measurement and analytics services, social media networks, and advertising companies.
  4. How we use your personal data | I2M Tech Privacy Policy

    • To run, deliver, create, and enhance the goods and services that we provide, we use your personal data, including the following:
    • Registration of you as a potential person.
    • Processing your orders and collection.
    • Managing your partnership with us.
    • Allowing you to take part in campaigns, events, and polls.
    • Improvement of our website, software, goods, and services
    • Recommending / advertising items or services that you may be involved in.
    • Compliance with our legal responsibilities, including, where required, confirming your identity.
    • Fraud prevention
  5. How we share your personal data | I2M Tech Privacy Policy

    • For the following reasons, we might need to share your personal details with third parties:
    • Sale of goods and services: In order to sell to third parties your products and services bought from our website, we will be forced to supply those third parties with your personal details.
    • Acting with third-party service providers: We involve third parties on our behalf to carry out those tasks. Examples include the distribution of goods or service orders, the distribution of shipments, data collection, the provision of marketing aid, payment processing, information transfer, credit risk appraisal and monitoring, and the provision of customer support.
    • Company transfers: We could sell or purchase other companies or services while we continue to expand our company. Customer details can, in such transactions, be exchanged along with other business properties.
    • Detecting fraud and abuse We report accounts and other sensitive details for identity prevention and credit risk mitigation and compliance with the legislation to other businesses and organizations. When we share your personal data with third parties we:
      • require them to agree to use your data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy and Cookie Notice, our Privacy Policy and in accordance with the law
      • only permit them to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions. We do not allow our third-party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes.
  6. International transfers

    If this is legal under applicable laws at your place, we can move your personal data to locations in another country. In such transitions, there are implicit dangers.

    We will put in place steps appropriate to protect your data in the case of foreign transfers of your personal data, and we will continue to uphold your legal rights according to the provisions of this Privacy and Cookie Notice and the relevant laws at your site.

  7. Data security

    To prevent your personal data from being inadvertently destroyed, used, or used in an inappropriate manner, changed, or disclosed, we have put in place effective security measures. Furthermore, we restrict access to your personal details to certain staff, officers, contractors, and other third parties who need to know about a company. Only according to our directions may they handle your personal details and they are entitled to a confidentiality agreement. We have placed processes in place to deal with any possible misuse of personal data and will inform you and any relevant authority of a misuse where we are legally obliged to do so.
  8.  Your legal rights

    It is essential that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please keep us updated if, during your relationship with us, your personal data changes.

    Under such cases, in relation to your personal data, you have protections under data privacy legislation, including the ability to read, amend or delete your personal data, to object to or prevent the processing of your personal data, and to unsubscribe from our emails and newsletters.


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