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How do you maintain productivity with a hybrid workspace?



Why is hybrid workspace the fact that should be embraced?

The pandemic has dragged the world to an era of hybrid workspace or even working from home or remotely. Those synonyms pushed organizations to adopt tools to guarantee organizational productivity. However, achieving objectives and tasks completion might be an indicator; deploying operation productivity tools is required.

for the following reasons:

1- To ensure proper organization’s time management
2- Empower the workforce to achieve work-life balance
3- Track less used IT assets for cost savings
4- Optimize organizations’ decisions for proper “task-timing.”

Whether the job nature mandates onsite presence or allows remote work, productivity should be measured for decision-making and resource planning enhancements.

What is the Productivity/operation measurement tool?

Productivity / Operation measurement tool is software that allows managers to get online analysis for their onsite or Remote work employees across the entire organization. This will give the organization clear insights on time management per team, task achievement time, utilization of IT tools used, Punctuality of the team, and most importantly, work-life balance.

Why should we adopt a remote workspace?

Remote workspace has proven during COVID that it has a lot of benefits such as:

1- Maintains work-life balance and burnout mitigation

Planning a hybrid workplace for employees has improved work-life balance, saving much wasted time in routine activities such as commuting. In addition to mitigating employees’ burnout, this improvement in well-being significantly has a positive impact on organizations’ performance as well.

2- Increase productivity.

Remote monitoring could incentivize employees to work efficiently and waste less time.
Another way it can help is by helping managers reallocate tasks and use more available resources to increase productivity.

3- Reduce work distractions.

Remote monitoring allows managers to monitor the distractions that occur during work hours and thus work with the employees on ways they can minimize these distractions.

A report by Clockify found that workers are commonly distracted during their shifts, with the details of the distractions outlined in the report as follows:

  • Forty-one percent browse the Internet.

  • Thirty-seven percent are on social media.

  • Twenty-six percent on Email correspondence.

4- Set a manageable workload.Remote monitoring allows you to see which employees are overwhelmed with the number of tasks they have and how that’s affecting their overall performance and which employees don’t have as many tasks weighing them down; thus, you can reallocate the tasks to other more free team members and set manageable workloads for your team.

5- Automate redundant and time-consuming tasks.By remotely monitoring your employees, you’ll begin to receive work reports and understand which tasks are time-consuming and repetitive; this will allow you to explore other automated options to handle these types of tasks, free up your employees’ time, and save their energies for more important tasks.

6- Explore areas of improvement.By analyzing your team’s remote monitoring reports, you can identify areas of improvement; thus, you can start offering them internal courses and workshops to increase their skill level, experience, and, eventually, their productivity.

Since a Hybrid workplace is now a reality, Organizations must be adaptive and agile enough to accommodate this fact and prevent remote work disadvantages such as team communication or unmonitored productivity.

Prohance Workforce Productivity & Desktop Analytics Software

Prohance is a cloud-based solution that optimizes workforce processes through powerful real-time analytics across the office, hybrid, and remote working environments.

offers a real-time view of advanced analytics with customizable dashboards and smart reporting.

Prohance Workforce Productivity enables your organization to become more agile and achieve operational goals by providing leaders with data and analytics, empowering them to manage their remote teams effectively, and ensuring critical operations metrics are met.

Establishments like Banks use Prohance to measure and boost their organization’s productivity and KPIs achievements while guiding managers and decision makers

by leveraging data into insightful analytics to drive more work efficiency and time management in the office, hybrid, or remote working environments.

Prohance is rapidly expanding with over 100+ employees, 250,000 users across 24 countries, 150+ customers, and over 60 Million Hours Saved.

Prohance Key Modules:

WORK TIME Gain real-time visibility to your employees’ logged, productive, break, and idle hours and use the actionable insights to enhance their workload and productivity.

ASSET UTILIZATION Reduce your capital and operational costs by tracking and optimizing the utilization of IT Infrastructure, Assets, Inventory, Auto discovery licenses, and total and active workstations.

ADVANCED ANALYTICS Receive advanced analytics and insights into your employee’s working habits and data trends across months and quarters.

WORK OUTPUT Easily integrate and customize time-motion-based data reports with flexible input.

WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT Comprehensive Work allocation focusing on transactional work organization, job prioritization, job allocation, and job flow management.

SCREEN RECORDING Set triggers, capture your employee’s screens during work, video capture reports from team to hourly level, and receive user insights for coaching and training.

Where can I get Prohance’s Workforce Productivity & Desktop Analytics Software in Egypt? Prohance works with GCC and Shared Services, BFSI, IT, and BPM enterprises, and i2M Tech is the sole representative for Prohance’s Workforce Productivity & Desktop Analytics Software in Egypt and North Africa. You can obtain it by reaching out to us.

Founded in 2019, i2M Tech provides innovative and smart technology services and solutions to the Egyptian and North African markets. We have partnered with leading companies in Home Automation and Smart Cities, Risk, Integrity, Security and Compliance, Education and Learning, and Energy and Utility to bring advanced services and solutions to these markets.