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smart Energy Automation

Blaze Automation | Smart Sockets


Blaze Automation | Smart Sockets

Smart Sockets controls devices and appliances and monitors their energy consumption from anywhere.With a convenient timer function that works on your smartphone, you can instantly convert any plug into a smart outlet. Available in Zigbee variant as well.

why to use Smart Sockets?

The B.One Wi-Fi Smart Socket is used to remotely control lights, devices, and appliances as well as monitor their energy consumption. Using the B.One app, you can create schedules or 'Actions'.

What are the benefits of smart blugs?

You can use the APP to turn on/off any connected device with this smart socket.
On the app, you can set countdown/schedule/loop timers to turn on/off the WiFi-controlled outlet. You can share the WiFi plug with your family to control it together. Simply plug it in and set it up; you'll be able to control your lighting and home appliances from anywhere at any time.


Turn appliances ON or OFF from anywhere with your smartphone using the B.One app (Compatible with Android & iOS)


Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and supported devices for a hands-free experience.


Schedule the Smart Sockets to automatically switch ON and OFF appliances when you are away or set an action for controlling many devices with a single button.


Prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed based on your geolocation.


Protects your appliances by turning them OFF when high or low voltages are detected.


Know the actual energy consumption and costs incurred in real-time. Monitor the current and previous power consumption of your appliance.


I2m Tech Partner | Blaze Automation

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Blaze Automation devices in Egypt, Africa and GCC.

Blaze Automation is an Internet of Things (IoT) business. With offices in the USA, India, and Australia.

B.One OS, developed by Blaze Automation, consists of hardware, cloud computing, mobile apps, and voice assistants. Applications utilising  include Elder care, Commercial and Industrial Energy Monitoring and Management, Smart Home Energy Management (SHEMS), and Occupancy Monitoring.

In addition, Blaze specializes in box building, testing, turnkey manufacturing, end-to-end design, prototyping, and sourcing of highly reliable IoT devices. In terms of providing IoT platforms and products to the international market, Blaze has been a pioneer.