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Now Phyn Plus smart water assistant | First Showroom in Egypt


Phyn Plus smart water assistant is now in Egypt.

I2m Tech  is glad to announce a partnership with Ahmed EL Sallab. To showcase the Phyn water management solutions in El Sallab's flagship showroom.

 Ahmad Elsallab company has 105 years of development 

the Company was founded in 1912 with the goal of becoming one of the top companies in the Egyptian market for porcelain, ceramics, and sanitary ware.

Engineer Ahmed elsallab made the decision to move his operations to Cairo in 1990 and opened an exhibition selling health tools and supplies.

The success in offering complete sets of products at the Showroom has kept growing.

Other exhibitions have since opened in key locations to serve customers in Cairo and the provinces as result of the exhibition's impressive success.

Smart water assistant | First Showroom in Egypt

The first of kind in the Egyptian market. Phyn is an IoT device that taps into several decades of research in AI-based smart water technology.

Phyn's products bring Leak Detection and Auto Shut off capability to monitor and control water consumption throughout the user's home.

The smaller Phyn Smart Water Assistant offers the same features without the Auto Shut off. display alongside the Phyn Plus.

what is smart water assistant?

The self-installed water monitor that fits under a single sink faucet notifies you immediately.

if a leak is detected anywhere in your home it provides detailed information on how each appliance uses water.

Phyn provides the tools to ensure that your home is watertight, from drip leaks to catastrophic bursts and everything in between. 

Phyn also sends SMS or push notifications when there is problem and can connect you to local plumber in minutes.

The device communicates via WiFi and provides insights that helps consumers save and conserve water and minimize damage from water.

 I2M's field support helps the homeowner find the most adaptable and dependable WiFi connectivity ensuring uninterrupted performance with minimum downtime.

 Check out our interactive kiosk at Ahmed El Sallab Showroom, South 90th Road, (near Dusit Lake)