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I2M Tech’s International Partners

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Our Partner | Blaze Automation | Smart Energy Automation

  I2m Tech is the exclusive Blaze Automation Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Smart Energy Automation devices: Raycon Smart Energy Meters: Raycon® is a Smart Energy Meter that helps in energy visualization and optimization at the “grid edge.” Through AI and ML, the NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) is achieved; with its help, […]


Our Partner | Belkin | Data and Network Protection

  I2m Tech is the exclusive Belkin Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Data and Network Protection devices: SKVM: The Belkin Modular Secure KVM Host and Console Cables are a no-nonsense solution to connect all your computers and monitors to your modular Secure KVM switch. The cables support universal compatibility and image clarity […]


Our Partner | FlamencoTech | Enterprise IoT for BMS

I2m Tech is the exclusive FlamencoTech Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Enterprise IoT for BMS: Energy optimization and Building Automation: The automated energy monitoring solution helps build a trackable energy consumption baseline. As per our experience, the cost per sq. Ft. varies by industry, machines, production, number of shifts, etc. The energy […]


Our Partner | PHYN | Smart Water Management

I2M Tech is the exclusive Phyn Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Smart Water management devices: Smart Water Meter + Shut off: The science behind Phyn was developed in the labs of the University of Washington and at Belkin. Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in pressure 240 times every second to understand the […]


Our Partner | ProHance | Productivity & Operation Platform

I2m Tech is the exclusive ProHance Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their Productivity and Operational Platform: Productivity and Operational Platform: Prohance is a productivity and operational enablement platform that provides actionable insights for an organization’s daily work, including work time, work output, task management, workflow, and asset optimization with built-in smart technologies such […]


Our Partner | Ouster | Digital Lidar Sensors

I2m Tech is the exclusive Ouster Agent in Egypt, providing their Digital Lidar Sensors: OS0: OS0 Ultra-wide field-of-view lidar sensor for autonomous vehicles and robotics. Ouster high-performance, digital lidar solutions provide a full range of high-resolution lidar sensors that deliver superior 3D imaging under all work conditions. OSO is the most performant ultra-wide field of […]