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smart Energy Automation

B.One Dual Relay products


B.One Dual Relay products

B.One Wi-Fi Dual In-Wall Relay is used to automate traditional switch boards. It can control two individual lights, devices or appliances. It helps monitor and optimize their energy consumption from anywhere. Set schedules or ‘Actions’ with your smartphone using the B.One App.


  • DEVICE CONTROL: B.One Dual In-Wall relay can control two connected lights or appliances and monitor their energy consumption remotely. This product supports a maximum Load Current of 5 Ampere in each channel.
  • ENERGY MONITORING: It allows you to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of the connected devices.
  • VOICE CONTROL: Using B.One’s VoiceAct® smart home skills for Google Home and Alexa, you can automate complex tasks with simple voice commands. For example, say ‘Alexa, turn on bedroom light’ to turn ON your bedroom light.
  • SCHEDULE: Schedule your activities as per your convenience on a daily basis through the B.One app, making your life simpler and smarter. For Example, ‘Turn off Living Room Lights at 11pm.’
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Control your connected devices from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.