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smart Energy Automation

B.One Eazy


B.One Eazy

B.One Eazy 2.0 is a universal remote and automation Gateway that allows total control of all your Infrared (IR) controllable devices and selected Wi-Fi, BLE enabled smart home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile APP. Eazy is the solution for easy and affordable home and business automation.


  • UNIVERSAL REMOTE: B.One Eazy 2.0 allows you to combine and control all your infrared remotes, supported devices BLE and Wi-Fi devices from one Hub to use mobile App

  •  VOICE CONTROL: Using B.One’s VoiceAct® smart home skills for Google Home and Alexa, you can automate complex tasks with simple voice commands. For example, say ‘Alexa, turn on the AC’ to power ON your AC.

  • SCHEDULE: Schedule your activities as per your convenience on a daily basis through the B.One app, making your life simpler and smarter. For Example, ‘Turn off AC at 11pm.’

  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Control your connected devices from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with about 50 devices and is compatible with Infrared remotes of over 2000 brands.