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Enterprise IoT for BMS

Energy optimization and Building Automation


Energy optimization and Building Automation

Digital Blanket® For Energy Management And Optimization Benefits:

The automated energy monitoring solution helps build a trackable energy consumption baseline. As per our experience, the cost per sq. Ft. varies by industry, machines, production, number of shifts, etc.

The energy goal setting and planning tool available on the Digital Blanket® platform helps the facility team set energy consumption goals and then intuitively track them using green, amber, and red color coding for each day.

Energy consumption varies based on seasons, climate, and holidays and the same can be optimally configured on Digital Blanket® for planned savings.

Power factor monitoring can also assess power quality and identify any inductive load leading to wastage. E.g., a power factor of 0.85 can typically mean an 18% higher utility bill for a 100 KW load. If we can optimize this through regular monitoring and appropriate corrective steps, it can reduce utility bills.

Load-wise (HVAC or UPS or Machine Supply) or machine-wise energy consumption segregation is not normally measured or analyzed. Energy consumption correlated with machine utilization or machine productivity will make real estate/ factory establishments smarter with the least investments.

To save energy, we must measure and report energy usage, analyze energy wastage, and optimize for energy savings. First, automatically collect real-time energy meter readings (AMR), UPS readings, and BMS data and indicate normal and abnormal operations. Then we report real-time energy data, energy tracking, trending, and forecasting with automated alarms on breaches of targets, thresholds, or events.

Our platform analyzes real-time and historical data to reveal energy usage trends and patterns, demand peaks, spare capacity for additional load, and relationships between equipment and the conditions affecting system stability against industry standards and norms.

Digital Blanket® Energy measurement system provides power consumption across buildings, departments, zones, shifts, and processes and allocates costs. We support various models for analyzing energy consumption, savings, and wastage and optimization metrics to identify and prioritize best practices for energy savings.

Digital Blanket® Connected Real Estate: Building Automation Platform Features:

  1. Open Scalable Architecture

  2. Hardware Agnostic & Interoperable

  3. Optimized Data Management (Edge Computing)

  4. Cyber-secure

  5. Data Quality Engine

  6. Baseline & Benchmarking Engine

  7. Energy & Water Budgets

  8. Policy, Alarm & Action Engine

  9. Data Visualization ML & AI

Digital Blanket® Building Automation Suite Comprises Of:

  1. Connecting The Employee to the Workplace

  2. Optimizing Space & Capacity

  3. Enhancing Safety & Security

  4. Improving Sustainability, Wellness & Compliance

  5. Automating Building Controls & Facility Operations

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Flamenco Tech Digital Blanket Solutions in Egypt, Africa and GCC.