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Enterprise IoT for BMS

facilities Operations


facilities Operations

Facilities Operations

Di-Fence (Digital fencing) creates virtual zones and tracks the location of people & assets in these virtual fences using patented RF Tags. Di-Fence also tracks the movement of the tags between virtual zones and triggers alarms and notifications in case of deviations. Di-Fence allows the creation of restricted zones and triggers alarms in case of an unauthorized entry. 

The Platform manages: 

Employee Safety

Our Digital Blanket® platform fencing solution makes emergency evacuation efficient & robust with its indoor positioning & tracking functionality. During emergencies, all the people tags are located for immediate evacuation. It is equipped with the options to trigger panic alerts, freefall alerts, and no movement alerts, helping employees receive immediate attention in case of any duress.

Occupancy Tracking

Notify specific areas and trigger alarms & notifications in case of any unexpected asset movement. With the creation of virtual zones, Digital fencing helps track workspace density providing accurate numbers in case of any emergency. It enhances organization security measures allowing tracking of visitors within premises and triggering alarms in case of unauthorized entry into a specific zone.

Covid-19 Toolkit

Our Digital Blanket® platform fencing solution boosts your return to workplace strategy, ensuring social distancing compliance & contact tracing. It also manages workspace density enabling organizations to provide a safe & secure environment without having to engage manual resources. Digital fencing is a unique solution that helps organizations plan their return to the workplace amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling social distancing compliance & contact tracing.

Asset Tracking

Our Digital Blanket® platform fencing solution helps organizations secure their assets, keeping track of movement within specific areas and triggering alarms. Digital fencing helps safeguard many of your high-value assets, always keeping track of their activities between the allowed zones keeping them secure, and triggering alarms in case of movements beyond the permissible zones, ensuring swift action from the security team.

Our Digital Blanket® platform fencing solution aids the safety and security of your Building environment.

  • Account for all employees, visitors, and assets within your premises.

  • Identify challenges upfront during safety drills.

  • Streamline your emergency response & actions with data.

  • Real-time alerts and notifications with an audit trail for analytics.

  • Enhance employee safety and security, resulting in increased employee satisfaction.

  • Social distancing compliance & contact traceability with a record statement.

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Flamenco Tech Digital Blanket Solutions in Egypt and North Africa.