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Data and Network Protection

Belkin Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM Switch Series


Belkin Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM Switch Series

Belkin Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM Switch Series

Created to deliver a streamlined user experience when working across security enclaves, Belkin's Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM switches are designed to meet the latest in Common Criteria and NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Switching Devices version 4.0 requirements. Compatible with the optional Belkin Secure KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard, the Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVMs elevate the user experience while vastly improving enclave awareness and minimizing operator errors. The keyboard, combined with various mounting options from Belkin, helps declutter the desk without jeopardizing operator control.

Meets the highest standards for cybersecurity

Ideal for highly sensitive applications that demand isolation between different network security enclaves. The Belkin Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM series utilize optical data diodes and peripheral emulation on each channel to help prevent data leakage between computers while maintaining strict air-gap isolation, even when sharing peripherals. An 8th-order elliptic audio filter protects against ultrasonic attacks.

Universal video compatibility with combo connector and internal conversion

DisplayPort/HDMI combo connectors on each input and output allow the same KVM to accommodate systems with DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI video outputs and modern and legacy monitors, eliminating the need, cost, and uncertainties with external converters.

Key features

  1. Designed for NIAP Protection Profile 4.0 to meet the highest security standards.

  2. Universal video compatibility accommodates modern and legacy systems and monitors.

  3. Configurable color coding on front panel maps to backlit KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard for optimal user awareness.

  4. Mounting options and Belkin KVM Remote Control with Integrated Keyboard declutter the desk for enhanced user efficiency.

  5. US-based free technical support

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Belkin SKVM products in Egypt and North Africa.