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Enterprise IoT for BMS

FlamencoTech | Space & Occupancy Analytics


FlamencoTech | Space & Occupancy Analytics

Digital BlanketĀ® Spazio is a workspace management solution aiming to create people-centric, modern, and efficient workspaces. It enables collaboration and hybrid workplaces with a user-centric approach. It offers visibility into current workspace usage and provides key metrics for managing current usage and planning for future demands.

DB-Spazio integrates with Occupancy Sensors, Footfall Sensors, Access Control Systems, and Desk booking data to provide occupancy analytics.

Key Features

  1. Real-time view of workspaces on the floor map with current occupancy/availability status.

  2. Right-size your meeting rooms and enclosed spaces by comparing capacity v/s actual utilization

  3. Occupancy threshold-based alerts In enclosed spaces and meeting rooms

  4. Heat maps displaying areas of high and low utilization

  5. BU-wise space utilization reporting

  6. Chargeback to departments based on accurate, error-free utilization data

  7. Occupancy-based HVAC and Lighting control to optimize energy consumption

  8. Optimize space and save up to 30% in office space reducing your real estate and operational costs.

  9. Forecast and plan future expansion with substantiated data on allocation, occupancy, and utilization trends

  10. Capacity v/s actual utilization tracking can help plan meeting room sizes in future

  11. Move from manual to automated cost chargeback to departments

I2M Tech is currently the official agent for Flamenco Tech Digital Blanket Solutions for enterprises in Egypt, Africa and GCC.