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How Phyn smart water assistant protects your house from water leaks



Smart water management technology

How does Phyn smart water assistant protect your house from water leaks? Most of us have suffered at least once from water leaks in our primary or secondary vacation homes, spending ridiculous amounts on fixing the damages.

This leads to an important question:

Can I remotely monitor and control my home’s water usage and status without being tech-savvy?

The answer is yes.

Phyn uses intelligent water management technology to produce products that detect leaks and shut off their water sources before damaging your home.

It measures microscopic water pressure changes in high definition—240 times a second—recognizing the specific voice of each fixture in your home. So when you open a faucet or run a load of laundry, it will know, and if there are leaks, it will let you know.

It also sends you smart insights on your water usage, so you can adjust your use and be more proactive and sustainable with your water.

It notifies you of all leak types, such as:

  • Toilet flapper leaks

  • Supply line leaks

  • Water left on

  • Catastrophic leaks

  • Pinhole leaks detected via its Plumbing Check feature

  • Drip leaks detected via its Plumbing Check feature

  • Unusual usage

What happens when you install Phyn in your home?

Phyn’s technology has already seen the pressure signals of hundreds of millions of showers, toilet flushes, pool fills, and washing machine loads.

Once you install it in your home, it immediately matches these pressure signatures to your fixtures.

Once it learns your specific fixtures, it creates a profile for each one, monitoring the amount of water used and creating your home water use profile.

Afterward, it can give you insights on your water usage specific for each fixture.

It will allow you to teach it about your home’s specific plumbing systems so it won’t shut off the water when you need it.

It will also notify you when it detects a leak in a profile and give you the option to shut it off, or if you are using Phyn Plus, it’ll automatically shut off your primary water source if you were notified and didn’t take action, saving you time and money.

Case studies in Egypt:

Over the last year, i2M Tech has successfully installed the Phyn Plus device at some units in different gated compounds in Cairo and Giza, and the feedback was impressive. Some villa owners have been notified of forgotten irrigation and could turn it off before wasting water resources. Others were notified of their faucet dripping issues. Not to mention how unit owners were remotely monitoring the water consumption by technicians during the furnishing of their units.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant

The Smart water assistant is a self-installed smart water management system installed under one sink and notifies you when there’s a leak anywhere in your house.

Key features

  • Plumbing Checks:

You can run Phyn’s plumbing check by turning off the main water and running the plumbing check. Once done, it’ll show you all the hidden flaws like poor seals and pinhole leaks in your water system.

  • Leak Alerts

Once Phyn detects a leak or an issue, it notifies you through SMS or push notifications on its free app, which can also connect you to a plumber.

  • Multi-property

One account on the app can monitor the water use and leaks in 6 properties.

  • Pre-freeze warning

Receive notifications when certain pipes reach a pre-freezing temperature so you can handle the situation and prevent frozen pipe bursts.

  • Water use plus

Learn more about your water usage through Phyn’s water use plus, which sends you daily and monthly water use analytics detailed for each fixture.

  • No subscription required

You can download the Phyn iOS or Android app to monitor your water with zero charges.

  • Easy set-up

Turn off the water under your sink, unthread the hot and cold water hoses from the supply lines, and insert Phyn’s sensors, then connect it to your WiFi, and you're done.


How to Install Phyn smart water assistant?

phyn smart water assistant

Phyn requires:

  1. Hot and Cold lines 3/8”, Phyn Smart Water Assistant connects to 3⁄8″ angle stops and water hoses under a sink. If yours are ½”, you will need a set of adapters.

  2. WiFi at the installment location

  3. Unswitched power outlet under your sink as Phyn Smart Water Assistant requires a power supply and doesn’t have a battery backup.

Phyn works best with:

  1. Single-family homes and townhomes are plumbed individually. And it can be installed in a condo or apartment building with some modifications.

  2. Pressure-reducing valves are essential to the health and maintenance of the plumbing system as they bring the pressure down to mandated levels and are common in newer homes.

You can easily install Phyn smart water assistant by turning off the water under your sink, unthreading the hot and cold water hoses from the supply lines, and inserting Phyn’s sensors, then connect it to your WiFi, and you're done.

Phyn also works with other devices, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, and also with IFTTT, you can have Phyn trigger actions with other smart home products.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant Technical Specs

  1. In the Phyn box you’ll find

  2. The Phyn smart water device.

  3. 2 Pressure sensors.

  4. A USB power adaptor.

  5. Screws.


Installation is reversible and can be done on either side of a cabinet.

Fitting Size

Phyn is compatible with most 3/8″ hot and cold water supply angle stops and sink hoses. However, it can require adapters for other sizes which aren’t included in the box.


its maximum working pressure is 125 psi.


Antenna Gain: 2.4GHz 1.5dBi; Antenna Types: pcb antenna.


  • NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components; Health Effects.

  • NSF/ANSI 372: Drinking Water System Components; Lead Content.

  • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant: Hazardous Substances.


Can only be used indoors.


110V /220V power supply.

Connectivity Requirements

  1. A WiFi connection

  2. The Phyn App (free)

  3. Phone or tablet with iOS 14+, Android 10+

  4. SMS text messaging


802.11 b/g/n @2.4Ghz


  • Compatible with hot and cold water 0-50˚C

  • Operating temperatures 0-40˚C

PHYN Agent in Egypt and North Africa

i2m Tech is the exclusive Phyn Agent in Egypt and North Africa, providing their
Smart Water management devices:

Smart Water Meter + Shut off
Smart Water Assistant (DIY)

You can directly get Phyn products from our i2M Tech Website by directly contacting us.

About i2M Tech

Established in 2019 as a technology services and solutions provider, i2M Tech serves Egyptian and North African markets.

I2M Tech has partnered with several US and India-based technology companies to offer innovative solutions.

becoming the exclusive agent and partner for the leading companies in the fields of Energy and Utility, Home Automation and Smart Cities, Education and Learning, Risk, Integrity, Security, and Compliance in Egypt and North Africa.