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smart Energy Automation

B.One hub and sensors

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B.One Dual Relay products

B.One Wi-Fi Dual In-Wall Relay is used to automate traditional switch boards. It can control two individual lights, devices or appliances. It helps monitor and optimize their energy consumption from anywhere. Set schedules or ‘Actions’ with your smartphone using the B.One App. KEY BENEFITS DEVICE CONTROL: B.One Dual In-Wall relay can control two connected lights […]


B.One Wired Motion Sensor (Microwave/PIR)

B.One Motion sensor is a Z-Wave based ultra low power consuming P.I.R motion detector. It communicates with an associated Z-Wave Controller / Gateway whenever there is a human motion in its vicinity. KEY BENEFITS Z-Wave plus certified for wide compatibility ( 500 series ) 2. Supports S2 protected mode with AES-128 bit encryption. 3. Upon tampering or […]


B.One Eazy

B.One Eazy 2.0 is a universal remote and automation Gateway that allows total control of all your Infrared (IR) controllable devices and selected Wi-Fi, BLE enabled smart home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile APP. Eazy is the solution for easy and affordable home and business automation. KEY BENEFITS UNIVERSAL REMOTE: B.One […]


B.One Edge

B.One Edge incorporates a state-of-the-art parallel processing architecture with Hard Real Time Performance to make it the fastest and first of its kind Edge Computing IOT gateway in the market. KEY BENEFITS 1. Edge is a multi-protocol gateway with Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, BT, Wi-Fi (Dual Band), LTE Cat 4 and Universal Infrared Remote Learner and […]


B.One Door/Window Sensor (Wi-Fi)

B.One Smart Sensor senses the opening and closing of any door / window to which it is fixed. KEY BENEFITS 1. Z-Wave Plus certified for wide compatibility (500 series of products). 2. B.One Door Sensor improves your security system. Monitoring your entrances 24/7, this sensor can detect when a door or window has been opened. […]